Institutional Review Board

This website is no longer maintained.

For updated information regarding human protections, notably the revisions to the Common Rule for the protection of human research participants go into effect on January 21, 2019, please see the Human Research Protection Program website or send an e-mail to This website will be retired later in 2019.

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What is an IRB?

Mission Statement (Policy No. 2.00)

Virginia Tech Administration of Human Subject Research (Policy No. 2.01)

FWA and IRB Registration (numbers & signatory authority) (Policy No. 2.02)

Purview of the VT IRB (Policy No. 2.03)

IRB Review (general policy information) (Policy No. 2.04)

Confidentiality of the Review Process & Protocol Files (Policy No. 2.05)

Record Retention Requirements for the IRB (Policy No. 2.06)

Board Meetings (Policy No. 2.07)

IRB Meeting Minutes (Policy No. 2.08)

IRB Members (Policy No. 2.09)

Undue Influence of IRB Members or Staff (Policy No. 2.10)

Board Functions, Activities & Responsibilities (Policy No. 2.11)

IRB Chair & Office Functions, Responsibilities & Duties (Policy No. 2.12)

Reporting Responsibilities of the IRB (Policy No. 2.13)

Mandated Background Requirements for IRB Members

Applications Reviewed by Chair vs. Board