Institutional Review Board

OSP Personnel


  • How do I obtain an IRB approval letter for my files?
    View the "Flowchart - Obtaining ORC Approval Letters for OSP Files"

  • Where may I direct a researcher who needs to submit an IRB application?
    Provide the researcher with the following URL:

  • What should I tell a researcher who cannot prepare an IRB application without the receipt of grant funds?
    Advise the researcher to apply for IRB Interim approval, and provide the researcher with the following URL so he/she may start an IRB Interim application:

  • What should I do if a PI gives me an IRB approval letter from another institution?
    If the PI provides you with an IRB approval letter from another institution and you have not received an approval letter from the VT IRB, inform the PI that a VT IRB approval letter is also required, unless the PI can provide correspondence from the VT IRB verifying that approval is not necessary.

    Exception: if the IRB approval letter provided to you is from the Carilion Medical Center or VCOM, an additional IRB approval letter is not needed from the VT IRB.