Institutional Review Board

This website is no longer maintained.

For updated information regarding human protections, notably the revisions to the Common Rule for the protection of human research participants go into effect on January 21, 2019, please see the Human Research Protection Program website or send an e-mail to This website will be retired later in 2019.

VT IRB Policies & Procedures Manual

The IRB has elected to use a website format for its policies and procedures manual for usability and feasibility purposes, and therefore a printable version is not available.

Section1: Purpose & Applicability of Manual

Section 2: The Institutional Review Board

2.00 Mission Statement
2.01 Virginia Tech Administration of Human Subject Research
2.02 FWA and IRB Registration (numbers & signatory authority)
2.03 Purview of the VT IRB
2.04 IRB Review - General
2.05 Confidentiality of the Review Process & Protocol Files
2.06 Record Retention Requirements for the IRB
2.07 Board Meetings
2.08 IRB Meeting Minutes
2.09 IRB Members
2.10 Undue Influence of IRB Members or Staff
2.11 Board Functions, Activities, & Responsibilities
2.12 Chair Functions, Responsibilities & Duties
2.13 Reporting Responsibilities of the IRB

Section 3: General Research Policies

3.00 Collaborative Research
3.01 Sponsored / Funded Research
3.02 Student Researchers
3.03 Conflict of Interest
3.04 Scientific Merit
3.05 Applicable State of Virginia Laws
3.06 Online Research Data Collection Activities Involving Human Subjects
3.07 Retention, Storage and Transfer of Human Subjects Research Records
3.08 Collection of Subjects' Date-of-Birth
3.09 Paying / Compensating Subjects
3.10 Research Involving Pregnant Women, Fetuses, & Neonates
3.11 HIPAA PHI Use

Section 4: Training in the Protection of Human Subjects

4.00 Accepted Training
4.01 Training Requirements
4.02 Training Verification
4.03 Retention of Training Documentation
4.04 Virginia Tech Human Subjects Protection Tutorial
4.05 Training for IRB Members and IRB Staff

Section 5: Initial IRB Review

5.00 Requirements for Initial Review
5.01 Submission Deadlines
5.02 Research Determinations
5.03 Exempt Research Review
5.04 Expedited Research Review
5.05 Full IRB Research Review
5.06 Failure to Submit an Acceptable Protocol or Implement Required
5.07 Departmental Review
5.08 Appeal of Decisions Made by the IRB

Section 6: Continuing Review

6.00 Continuing Review Requests
6.01 Amendments to Protocols
6.02 Identification and Reporting of Unanticipated Problems / Adverse